19-21 April 2024 Izmir, Turkiye

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Letter from Secretary-General


          Most reverenced participants,


          As the Secretary-General for the third official session, it is an uttermost honour of mine to welcome you all to the third official session of the Izmir Cengiz Aytmatov Social Sciences High School Model United Nations Conference.


          I am Gökçe Meva Aksu, a junior at Izmir Cengiz Aytmatov Social Sciences High School and I am proud to assume the role of Secretary-General for MUNICA, following our inaugural Model United Nations conference organised by the Izmir Cengiz Aytmatov Social Sciences High School MUN Club, which marked my first experience in 2021. It is my utmost pleasure to carry our legacy on.


          Along with my highly esteemed Executive Team, we are taking MUNICA to new heights. We work tirelessly to shed light on future conferences, satisfy your demands and goose up far beyond any expectations. Furthermore, welcoming international participants for the first time in MUNICA’s history with this session is a great honour for me as the Secretary-General and for our entire team, it adds a fresh dimension to our event and fosters global collaboration and cultural exchange.


          In the third session, we will convene seven committees, each addressing diverse and unique topics within the light of multilateralism, and engaging all participants. I encourage all participants to actively contribute to the discussions, embrace the spirit of diplomacy, and seize the opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. It’s important to remember that every voice in these committees plays a unique and vital role in our collaborative effort to address the world’s most pressing issues.


          Additionally, I would like to humbly acknowledge the endless capabilities, qualities and competence of my academic team and I do not doubt that they will provide the most didactic experience you have ever had. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to our esteemed and diligent organisation team, whose tireless efforts day and night have contributed significantly to making this conference a memorable one, thereby surpassing mediocrity and inability.


          All in all, I am looking forward to seeing you all at Izmir Cengiz Aytmatov Social Sciences High School Model United Nations Conference on 19, 20, and 21 of April 2024. Welcome.


          Yours sincerely,

          Gökçe Meva Aksu


Letter from Director-General

          Esteemed participants,

          With great pleasure and enthusiasm, I, Sualp Sevin, a sophomore at Izmir Cengiz Aytmatov Social Sciences High School, am honoured to serve as the Director-General for the third official session of the Izmir Cengiz Aytmatov Social Sciences High School Model United Nations Conference. I extend a warm welcome to each of you.

          With unwavering dedication, we strive to meet your needs and exceed all expectations with innovation and enthusiasm. Throughout the conference, we encourage delegates to engage in thoughtful debates, propose creative solutions, and work collaboratively towards resolutions that will advantageously benefit the world.

In addition to the substantive aspects of the conference, our team has meticulously planned every detail to ensure your enjoyment and engagement throughout our time together. These moments outside the sessions are invaluable opportunities to form lasting connections, broaden perspectives, and create memories that will extend far beyond the conference.

          I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the dedicated Secretariat, experienced academic team, and hardworking organization team who have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this event. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail have undoubtedly contributed to the overall success of MUNICA.

          Lastly, thank you for being a part of MUNICA. I look forward to witnessing the fruitful discussions, building lasting connections, and experiencing the remarkable contributions each of you will make to this conference.

          Best regards

          Sualp Sevin


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the conference be?

MUNICA 2024 will be held in Oğuzhan Özkaya Educational Institutions Campus.

How long will the conference last?

The conference will last for 3 days, between 19-21 April 2024.

To what airport should I fly to when coming to MUNICA?

You can use Adnan Menderes Airport, for further transportation information you can contact our team.


You can acquire more information about the conference by contacting us on any of our social media platforms @munica.24, or e-mail via pr@munica.com.tr

Memories From the Events

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